April 5, 2010


        Opening day!  Probably the only day I play the part of overzealous fan before 161 games of unquiet and dread.  Now, if only I could find my wacom pen so I could finish up this portrait of Rhianna's rude boy.  I need Kemp to carry my fantasy beis since my draft was a bust.  I hate being on the clock!  I panic and end up with abysmal-ranked first basemen that no one  of sound mind rubbernecks in the 12th round.  I was clearly making a pass at Carlos Quentin but nooooo sneaky undermining Yahoo! and Cookie Jar treachery. 

Like it or not,  the Dodgers opening day line-up.  I gotta go- 10:35 am start time.  Rough.

Can LA sign Cust? Thanks.

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