April 30, 2010


             It was my brother's birthday yesterday.  That's him on his 7th birthday superimposed into my Momma's reverse Wutang hands.  He's an old ass man now.  But he used to be sooo cool sooo cool what happened?

          Just kidding. Happy birthday brother - I love you. Aren't you glad we don't have to dress up in matching satin and polyester like tiny prom dates and share birthdays anymore?   I like how you have a black eye here and a thick head of hair while my tiny bald ass teeters on the brink of danger as Mom spots me from behind because my walking legs hadn't come in yet. 

Brown power- flipped up brim, derby jacket and khakis.
I thought you were never a cholo?

           This is my favorite picture ever.  It's not the quality but the quantity (of faux pas).  Dodger stadium.  '88 championship hats resting high up on big permed locks.  Marios mullet creeping- you can't tell here but I think the tips were "sun-in" bleached. Starter jackets, ah to be young again.

            As you can see not much has changed.  He just rocks a fade now.   And closes his eyes in pictures.  I made this cake & these cupcakes for him. Remind me never to think I'm Ace of Cakes ever again.

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Sweet Autumn Day said...

Haha, awesomeness! Good Wishes to your brother.