December 26, 2008


Hope you had a good one. I did! Lakers win. Found out the versatility of my cousin Little, he does an uncanny Morrissey and Chente croon...SOBER even. Pero se chiveo al grabar. And even though my brother jokingly said "if it's not my Dodgers jacket, I don't want it" uggghhhhh... I overlooked it and STILL gave him an autographed boxing glove signed by Ricardo "Finito" Lopez. Probably my favorite gift I gave this year, that and the morenito "lamb-haired" cabbage patch kid named Jesse Craig, I got for baby Isis.

A couple of months ago Alonso of XOCHICO hit me up after discovering we had ESP with our work. Check it. And he recently sent me a care package full of coin purses, a keychain and rear view mirror danglin' conchas. I suggest you go buy one of everything on there, aside from the faux pastries, they have shirts, housewares and accessories.

And another holiday blogging tradition... my Mom's holy trinity of la Navidad.

I leave you with this years x-mas video playlist.

If you missed it, this is last years

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Mucha Muchacha said...

Hi Mitsy, I was gifted one of your awesome pieces for Christmas and I absolutely love it! Also, I know Alonso, he's crazy funny and a real cool guy. Hi Alonso! Happy Holidays to all;)