October 16, 2008

FALL(ing short of the) CLASSIC

Alas, I'll always have this...
Lima time and Chicago. :)

<-----I kind of wanted to leave this whimsical graphics interchange format image on the Dodgers (of the NLCS) myspace page. Why do I even have to like things like baseball? Son of a bitch, right now. Why can't I have other interests that are less heart-breaking like hackysack, balancing a checkbook or maintaining friendships? I'm not gonna dance around it, I think the Dodgers were victim of the Sports Illustrated cover jinx. Irrational? maybe. But I don't care none! Hey Cubs fan get away with scapegoating all the time, why can't I? I can't even be mad (past this week) at LA's inopportune slumping of the 1, 2, 4...6, 7 and 8 hitters, because had it not been for their efforts during the reg. season LA wouldn't have leapfrogged the D'backs. You hear that? There's hardly any reproach and rancor in my voice. The callus on my heart must be growing thicker with corns y juanetes. I have the NBA finals earlier this year to thank for that. Flippin' channels on thursday between México trying to qualify for the World cup against some feisty Canucks helped split my frustration between Fox and Univision. Both had shitty results, but there's still hope for el Tri. Would Dodgers having won the pennant even mattered? The Rays are clearly gangster. I'll post that one next spring.----->

Lo rescatable de la serie:
  • Kuroda on point.
  • RHP James McDonald, impressive.
  • Loney good under pressure.
  • It'll be easier to say goodbye to Kent, Penny, Nomar and possibly(?) Furcal. (I say that only in anger, Raffy, I hope you come back-if you're healthy.) I wouldn't mind seeing Pierre and Jones traded somewhere.
  • To be fair, we only won 86 games during the reg. season
  • Experience
That's an open letter to people trying to clown the Dodgers by becoming new found Phillies fans (after rooting for the Cubs didn't pan out) just because their squad is never a player in the post season. Lose it. Try NOT losing 90+ games then get all riled up by way of your twitter. Stop. Hating.

Addendum: Immediately following the series, asi mero senti la decepción, cañon....

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