August 29, 2008


That's a detail of my latest embroidery. I promise it's the last, or maybe the penultimate. :) I bite all my pan dulce styles from El Bueno Gusto #1, on King road, it's my favorite panaderia. I stress the #1 because I can't vouch for #2. Although they're only a couple of miles away, they're worlds apart- #2 is all multifaceted, it boasts a panaderia, taqueria and they sell mariscos. #1 is more punk rock, just pan, although they are known to sell delicious pre-made saran wrapped tortas that are usually gone well before noon. It's small, no-frills, hand painted signs inside and an outdated cake theme binder. I was going to screencap the locale for you but Google maps is racist and didn't survey the East side proper. ;) I Google map street view everything! Don't give me your address cause I'll streetview it, no shame in my game- I'll do it. Anyway, it has a clear sign and it's the one sandwiched in between some car audio/phone retailer and a dulceria (that has also remained a constant in the otherwise revolving door of neighboring businesses.) El Buen Gusto's cakes are good too! I ordered my friend's bachelorette cake there a few years ago. Old girl taking the order didn't so much as flinch when I said I wanted it to read "You can't turn a ho into a housewife"...see, no judgment. Then again, I think she only spoke spanish. I like how whackadoodle the scale of the spilt wine glass is in relation to the newlyweds and wine bottle. Yes, I said "whackadoodle" like that cracked out raver Suede from Project Runway. I hate that guy but every time he says it, my side hurts.
Inspired by the cake, I drew this for you. Shaaaooo!


Ricardo said...

Hexa tight! The bread and the broad.

Quit trying to blow up the spot on the ESSJ. There's enough traffic as it is.:)
I hate the new color scheme on the block. BOOOOO.

Lesley said...

I just came across your blog while googling pan dulce. Love your embroidery -- I live in Mexico City and am on a quest to find the best concha, so these completely have my name on them. I must save up my pennies and buy one! Saludos desde DF!