January 25, 2007


It's Monalisa Peaches 23rd birthday today
and all she asked me for was this crumby drawing. Boooo.

Little Mona once ran away "with the angels," by ran away I mean went as far as underneath the back seat of the Garcia party/church van parked in her drive way- for like, 3 hours. What would prompt this you ask? Well, if I remember correctly (which I make it a point to, precisely for cheap shots like this) she wanted a #2 with orange drink from McDonalds and no one would comply. That is my favorite Mona anecdote and I'll be sure to toast to it on her wedding day. If you know the dame, holler at her with some celebratory well wishes. Sorry for making your dirty pillows look so huge Mona.

Speaking of McDonalds... what's with Ben Seaver's cameo in their recent commercial? Is it referencing Vh1's Best Week Ever, Fabulous life of or whatever? I don't get it. Can someone please write in with a long winded and obtuse explanation? Thanks.


Pete said...

Yup, it is a spoof (or homage to) those terrilbe VH1 specials that are always on. You know, 20 worst hip-hop moments or something about the 1980s. You get the lowest level of celebrity (I'd say even lower than reality tv elimination game show participants when they do talk show interviews after being eliminated), these nobody comedians who are just bad joke talking heads. "These people act like money grws on trees... trees they can't find!" Oh snap!

MITSY said...

He's still got some zingers :)
pfft, they should have featured his best friend Stinky along with him.