October 13, 2012


 Growing up there was never a Garbage Pail Kid associated with my name, just some cheap variation like "Misty Suds".  I'm not even sure why I wanted their to be one- guess I've always been into self-deprecation.  And obviously (see below)  I still want there to be one, so I made my own for Cukui's GPK tribute show, Thrashed. The dimensions on this are close to those of a real Garbage Pail Kid card, so you know it was a nightmare to stitch up.  

It was either "Hairy Mits" or  "Zits Mits". 
The show will be up for the rest of the month, go see it!

1 comment:

Belen garcia-aceves said...

don't be sad, Mitsy. I never had Garbage Pail Kid either:( I'm still sorta torn between the Hairy Mits and Mits Zits though.

regardless the piece is amazing like always.