November 3, 2016

BOBBY enamel PIN

use paypal button at the bottom of this post! 
or paypal/venmo/facebook messenger $20 total

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From the maker (me) of the Bob painting and the Bob drawing comes the Bobby Pin! 

       "You're the asshole with all the money," so buy 1, 2 or 3!  "Don't let it be your first or your last!" Yes, I do intend to quote Bob as much as possible.  

      OK, couple of things.
  •  If you buy more than one, do the math and only pay $3 once. So for 2 it'd be $37, 3 it'd be $54. 
  • My preferred method of payment in order would be Payments in facebook messenger ( Mitsy Avila Ovalles) or through the Venmo app (@Mit5Y), PayPal is cool IF you just SEND MONEY, here's my link ( )  I'm trying to avoid the fee towards PayPal/Trump supporter but I will add the paypal button for you lazy/trepidus folk down below.
  • If you send money through any of the above methods, make sure you add your address in the notes/comments/message or hit me up through social media and I will match up your order with your address.

Again, if you can just SEND MONEY just through my paypal link. 

                                                           HOW MANY?

  TECH HELP:  Some tips on how to use Payments in facebook messenger. (HERE)