August 5, 2011


  Prints are the way to go. There's no sobbing goodbyes with the original or in this case an empty feeling  of the piece being just an imaginary pile of pixels saved onto my desktop. Why don't I make prints of everything?! I dunno. But thanks to some insistent ladies out in Kentucky I finally had some made.  Both of these were a limited run of 10.  I've got about 4-5 left of each.   As with everything in my life, each is uniquely glittered.  Signed and numbered as well.
"No Hay Rosa Sin Espinas" 23"x 20" on matte heavyweight paper, uv resistant archival inks

     This is the print leftover from the artsprojeckt show earlier this year. It's of an older piece that was chosen by the curator.   If either of these prints interest you or you would like to find some other legal way (MtsyZazzlejunk) to stuff my pockets get a hold of me.  Thaaanks!

"Vuela, Vuela"  17" x 24" on matte very-heavyweight paper, uv resistant archival inks.

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Thuy said...

You're work is sooo COOL!! IT's ravishing. If only I was as cool.