February 14, 2011


     I don't want to jinx it but it's only valentine's day and I've already doubled the number of shows I had in allllll of 2010. Hooow saad. :) I crashed the "Bittersweet" show over at Cukui with my very romantic "When a Macho Man loves a Woman" piece. If you think about it, it's very fitting that they would be in a bittersweet context seeing as they had a tumultuous relationship prior to Miss Elizabeth hitting the pipe alongside Lex Luger. I've also become a Randy "Macho Man" Savage expert by now. Not like to the level where I can rap along to his album but still.  Did you know he was a baseball player? He never made it to the bigs but was in the Reds, Cards and Whitesox farm systems.

Here's the piece.  Through the process.  These were taken with my touch.  I'll snap a better one when I get it back.  That battery down there is a AA.  For scale to show what a diiick that championship belt was and my tinsie three eyelash brush used to paint it.  The shorts and fringe on the piece are embroidered.

I don't know these people but they get it. :)
photo credit: Stolen from the internets, Ben Wild's faceplace.

    Awww! I want a video montage of my relationship set to the smooth jazz of Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack.  I swear to God right now, this will be my first dance song.

      I want Randall Mario Poffo to feed me wedding cake! I want Bobby Heenan to attend my wedding reception and look on disapprovingly.  I could only hope to look as beautiful on my big day in opulent puffy sleeves and lace as Miss Elizabeth did. I am not however registered for snakes.

"Candlesticks! Unbelievable!" hahaha

Also, my friend Alex caught these pics from the ChicaChic show on art business<--click for more

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